“If we really want to love, we must learn to forgive”   -Mother Theresa

Moving Through the Stages to Forgiveness

Forgiveness: Stories of Our Time focuses on violent, sudden losses. But any loss of a loved one requires forgiveness. When a dearly loved friend or family member passes away, we often feel anger toward God, or the universe, even toward the doctors and nurses who failed to perform miracles, and very often a great deal of anger is focused toward the person who left us through no control of their own.

This is a normal part of grief but knowing that makes it no easier to pass through this difficult time. Lunn’s documentary can help others who have lived through the loss of a loved one. This deep and rich film can help those experiencing these feelings of loss, grief, and abandonment.

Even a person who has never experienced a loss through death certainly has the need to learn to forgive in order to live a serene, happy life. If the subjects featured in Forgiveness can truly forgive those who have taken their loved ones, it becomes much easier to contemplate forgiving minor wrongs which may have been festering inside us into hate and animosity.

Forgiveness: Stories of Our Time Documentary DVDIf you have experienced the loss of a loved one, whether expected or sudden, or know someone who has, this documentary from Alive Mind Media will provide a great deal of comfort in letting the person know that there is life after the loss. The exceptional cinematography creates magnificent scenes helping create sensitive settings for the subject matter.

Editor Michael Greenwood, Sound Recordists Alex Salter and Harvey Hyslop, as well as Producers Kent Martin along with Johanna Lunn deserve accolades for their work on this emotional, moving documentary, Forgiveness: Stories of Our Time. This is truly a documentary for our time and our world today.

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