T his documentary is filmed over the course of 12 years and follows a gentleman by the name of Stephen Jenkinson who is a Harvard grad as well as a palliative care counselor for families.  The film explores the questions about life and death, and what it means to embrace both for a healthy spirit.  Jenkinson is a man of philosophy and nature and is often shown appreciating the world as he paddles through waters in a canoe he built himself, while gazing and commenting on the beauty he sees.

One of my favorite quotes from Mr. Jenkinson is as follows: “The cradle of your love of life, is the fact that it ends.”    Jenkinson also touches on Western culture and some of the fears of death that many of us have in our society today.  He is often shown giving lectures at the university and they are often centered on being in tune to one’s own death.

I would recommend Griefwalker to anyone as an inspiring, thoughtful film for those who struggle with their own thoughts and feelings about death and dying.  While watching this, be prepared to encounter life changing questions without necessarily finding all the answers.


See the trailer for Griefwalker below:


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