A Caring Presence–Program at St. Lukes Hospital

It’s a heart-breaking scenario that many families experience: Before they can get to the hospital and say goodbye, their loved one passes away.

But Saint Luke’s Hospital offers some peace of mind. The “No One Dies Alone” program ensures companionship for patients at the end of their liv es.
Called NODA, the program is part of Saint Luke’s specialized end-of-life care coordinated by an interdisciplinary team of care providers and administered by the Spiritual Wellness depart- ment. NODA volunteers, called Caring Companions, sit with patients who have no family or friends at their bedsides.

“When babies are born, there’s a room full of people re ady to receive them. The same thing is important when patients die— that there’s someone present to hold their hand and talk to them, even if they’re nonverbal,” said Teesha Miller, NODA Coordinator. “We don’t do a lot in life alone, a nd we shouldn’t have to die alone.”

For information on becoming a NODA volunteer, contact Teesha Millerat(816)932-2180 or tmiller1@saint-lukes.org. +

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