We typically cost 30%- 50% percent less than most other funeral entities in the Kansas City Area. A direct cremation at Signature Funerals is $1,395.00. All requirements and necessary items are included in this cost.

Call us anytime to discuss your options and get answers. Although we make advance payment for funeral care an option at Signature Funerals, we more strongly advocate planning, and education. Do not expect us to make any attempts at selling you a funeral plan.

Finally, we are here at Signature Funerals because we are on a mission. We do everything we can to give the highest level of service possible, anywhere. We see the importance of easing burdens and stress that grieving families often have. And we want to help this community grow and learn from the experiences we all have with death.

Please feel free to take a more detailed look at our service costs


Traditional Burial General Price List
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