What if…

What if the advent in the popularity of cremation has more to do with taking back control of the process of dying and your last wishes, than the actual interest in the process and therefore, end result of cremation. Granted, it is less expensive and that can be a decisive factor, However, traditional burial is still a predominant choice among a population that is less affluent. In fact, cremation is more sought by people that have more financial resources.

So, the thought has crossed my mine, that the popular pick of cremation may not be about the interest in the cremation process and the desire to be cremated, but could be about refusing to participate in an experience(traditional funeral home), that you have no or very limited control. Add in limited choices for your options of product (urns, cemetery locations,caskets), and venues for memorial services and celebrations of life, and an industry that has a terrible reputation. It’s no wonder that people are refusing to participate in a traditional burial experience and choose cremation.

So, if the experience, could be changed, and people felt empowered, took back control and or at the very basic, were given permission to make their own unique choices for their funeral care, would cremation still be their choice?

Most importantly, is the ability to make a decision for you and your family, without judgement. Taking a look at your end of life choices in a clear manner and making any choice you desire.