Caleb Andrew Geiger died on June 13, 2020, in a tragic car accident. He was born March 30, 2012, six weeks before his due date. His favorite part of his birth story was when his mother told him she thought she’d peed her pants but it was only her water breaking.

He walked through life-loving people fiercely. Once he loved a friend so hard he hugged him into a wall and gave him a bloody nose.

His parents taught him his job as a big brother was to love and protect his sisters. He did this job with such enthusiasm, he had to be reminded that he wasn’t their parent.

He loved the Lord as fiercely as he loved all of us. At five, Caleb saw his first baptism and decided that day he wanted to follow Jesus with his whole life. His parents spent the next year discussing faith and baptism and what it meant to follow Jesus and how that didn’t mean we were perfect. When he was six, he decided he was ready for his own baptism. His only hang-up was that he didn’t want to get water in his eyes. His pastor assured him he could wear goggles and with that knowledge, he was all in. He was baptized on July 8, 2018, by his pastor Jeromy Emerling and his father. What a joyful day that was.

One of Caleb’s great talents was art. He was prolific and talented at drawing. His mom was blessed beyond measure to be his art teacher and it was the highlight of her week to have him in class. He drew dragons and dinos on almost any free piece of paper he could find. His desire was to be a professional artist when he grew up. Of course, he also expressed interest in being Spiderman and the guy that blows the whistle at the trampoline park.

He loved reading, school, and his teachers. He was blessed to have so many teachers pray with him and help him grow into a wonderful boy.

His other great loves included: Minecraft, alone or with his sister (he wouldn’t do chores for money, but he’d do almost anything to earn video game time); building Legos; and being with his friends.

He is survived by his sisters Adelyn (4) and Emery (6), mom Melissa, and dad John. His grandparents Ruth and John Cosgrove, Vernon and Debra Geiger, grandma Linda, great-grandma Judy, aunt Andrea, and his favorite uncle Michael who would play Minecraft with him, and Aunt Mandy.

He was preceded in death by his sibling (whom he now got to meet before Mom and Dad), his cousin Jack and his nana Deborah Geiger.

  • “Everything’s my favorite” -Caleb Geiger

  • John Geiger, “Son you need to trust me.”
    Caleb, “I trust God.”

Services will be held at Hope Church in Berkeley, MO, and Billings, MT. The Billings service will be streamed for those unable to attend.

Billings service will be held Wednesday, July 1st, 10:30 am at Faith Evangelical Church 3145 Sweet Water Dr. Billings MT 59102          Pokémon attire encouraged.

A memorial fund for Caleb has been established at Caleb’s school.  It’s listed on the giving page after you enter the dollar amount. Caleb Geiger Memorial Fund.        Assistance by Funeral Advocates, LLC

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