Christina Grace Shilling:

Born August 27th, 1997
Died April 9th, 2021
On Friday April 9th, our dear daughter went to be with the Lord. She will receive her (posthumous) nursing degree from Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas where she was on the deans list and served as a class representative. She had a keen knowledge of complex medical issues and often assisted in obtaining diagnosis.
Christina’s greatest gift was her ability to convince people to follow her and accept an idea. She had a way to present issues that were compelling. She also had a spark in her that made it just fun to be around her. She was an artist and an exceptional writer, enjoyed all things squishy, and could be silly about it at times. She loved essential oils and things that smelled good, even the smell of a brand new book, when opened. She loved kitties, especially her cat, “Luna”. And not to forget her love of pizza and pasta.
Christina was born in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia at the local Aramco hospital. Unlike most of the other babies on the floor with large locks of dark black hair, Christina was entirely bald which caught the attention of many of the staff. Her dad took her on runs around the golf course which at the time was just oiled sand.
We returned to Cary, North Carolina where Christina got involved in a variety of public schools, Indian Princesses, hiking, and camping events. A favorite pastime was going “frog hunting” and getting frogs to live in our backyard mini-pond.
The family moved to Overland Park Kansas in 2007 where Christina attended Heartland Elementary for a few years Christina then got the opportunity to live overseas when the family took a two year assignment in South Africa that afforded opportunities to go on wild game drives, mountain hiking, beach vacations, and interaction with the local people.
Upon returning, Christina went on to Middle School at Aubry Bend, and high school at Blue Valley Southwest and Blue Valley Northwest, where she enrolled in the molecular biology CAPS program because she was attracted to the medical field from her anatomy class teacher. This was a precursor to her wanting to get into nursing school. She was also very involved in theater and art as evidenced by the amazing paintings that she has made along with having a passion for ice skating.
Christina had several opportunities to grow spiritually by participating in Journey Bible Church youth missions trips. Destinations included Black Hills Mental Health Center, Panama, New Orleans, Dallas, and KCK. Christina did a great job relating to the people she was ministering to.
Christina took a serious view on what it’s like to walk with the Lord. Some time ago, she went through the Book of James and pulled real life lessons from those chapters, and just recently, she studied the book of Philippians and personalized it to speak directly to her in her own words, written out in her journal. At 18 years old, she attended The Word of Life Bible Institute, where she studied God’s Word. We are comforted in knowing that her salvation is genuine.
Christina was an amazing mother to her 2 year old son, Zackary. She would sit and play with him and run around the house with him and they loved to cuddle together. He loved her so much and always lit up when Christina was around him. Christina loved her family with her whole heart, especially her only sibling, Angela and Angela’s dear husband, Kelyn.

Christina was a playful fun loving person, even with her friends. She has been described by them as adventurous, intelligent, energetic, daring, funny, and passionate. She was very loved by her friends.
Christina is survived by her 2 year old son, Zackary Stanley Shilling; her parents Stan and Paulette Shilling, her sister and brother in law Angela and Kelyn Crandall, grandmothers Lillian Allen and Judy Parlatore, aunt and uncle Lillian and Alan Collins and their children Allison, Casey, Toby, Josh and their families, aunt and uncle Tom Shilling and Liz Peterson, aunt and uncle Eddie and Robin Shilling and his children Jessica and Joel, aunt Debbie Shilling, uncle Steve Shilling, aunt Janet Shilling-Brewer and their son Nicholas and his family, aunt and uncle Albert and Maria Shilling and his children Ashley, Julia, and Albert Jr., aunt Dawn Shilling, aunt and uncle Ralph and Terry Arone, and their children Jessica and Dylan, great auntie Jean Newcomb and her children. The family of great Uncle George.
She is preceded in death by her grandparents Bill and Philomena Shilling, grandfather Ralph Arone, aunt and uncle Gina and Ronnie Bissette, cousin Michael Manzi and great uncle George.
Services will be held at Countryside Church, 14150 W 175th Street, Olathe, KS 66221 on 4/26/21, at 4pm. All are welcome.
Christina called Countryside her church home, where she was closely discipled by Pastor Mike Summers and his wife Karen, who she dearly loved along with many friends there.
In lieu of flowers, if you feel led, please contribute directly to Christina’s 2 year old son, Zackary Shilling. His grandparents, Stan and Paulette Shilling are raising him, and will be opening a trust for his future. All contributions will be deposited into his bank account at Main Street Credit Union, and then transferred to his trust fund, once established.
Contribution details are as follow:
Payable to: Christina Shilling Memorial Fund, Attention: Leslie Connor
Main Street Credit Union
14280 W 135th Street
Olathe, KS. 66062
Leslie will hold all envelopes for Stan & Paulette and mail to them weekly, so they can thank each person who were able to contribute.

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