On June 9, 2023, Cynthia (Cindy) Sue Grossmann died peacefully at age 77 after a lengthy illness. She was surrounded by her loved ones at the time of her passing.

Cindy was born June 4, 1946 in Indianapolis, Indiana, to Martha Ellen and Morris Fish. She attended the University of Missouri, where she received her degree in English.

After graduating from college, Cindy worked at McDonnell Douglas for Mr. Al Grossmann. Cindy, who enjoyed baking, would make treats for her co-workers. Mr. Grossmann, who enjoyed eating treats, took some of her cherry cookies home and gave some to his son Rick. Rick, who also enjoyed eating treats, told his dad that if Cindy would make him a batch of those cherry cookies, he would take her for an airplane ride in return. Rick and Cindy were married December 22, 1973.

In addition to baking, Cindy enjoyed flowers, especially red roses. Before her health deteriorated, she enjoyed tending to her rose garden and her other beauful flower gardens. She liked to drink tea, especially jasmine tea, reading and doing nice things for her family.

Cindy is survived by her loving husband Rick of 49 years, her loving daughter Jenny, her son-in-law Jim, and her grandson Henry.

Cindy did not enjoy being the center of attention, so her funeral service will be private for family members only.

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