Our dear sister Linda Jane Salts (nee Fecht) was born to Emmy Lou and Edward William Fecht on November 3, 1944, in Oakland, Ca.

The family moved to the Kansas City area when Janey, as she was called by her family, was in her early teens.  She graduated from Saint Luke’s School of Nursing in 1965, and worked at Saint Luke’s Hospital as an R.N. for many years, eventually becoming a Cardiac Care Specialist.  After a long career in the nursing profession Jane became a quality control technician for a large veterinary pharmaceutical firm.  Jane absolutely loved this job!  She enjoyed the work and her coworkers, and felt she was contributing to animal welfare.

Jane loved animals, and through the years cared for and cherished numerous animals in her home.  Jane’s friends always spoke very highly of her, noting her kindness, generosity, wit and intellect (Jane was a member of Mensa).  She eventually retired from the Community Blood Center, where she had worked as a components technician.  Jane enjoyed a simple post retirement life, caring for her animals, reading and venturing forth on frequent thrift shop excursions.  She loved to discuss her “finds” and bargains!

She died on January 24, 2019.  She was preceded in death by her parents and is survived by her brothers, Daniel and Michael Fecht, both of Kansas City; sister-in-law Kathy, and nephew Adam.


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